2021 handmade business goals you should set yourself


2020 was arguably the worst year a lot of people have seen in a while. Whilst COVID-19 was not ideal, a lot of good things came from it. E-commerce stores have *thrived* like never before, businesses have been forced to change their business model to remain profitable and business owners have been forced to learn the ins and outs of digital marketing, all of which has benefited us! 

With 2021 fast approaching, maybe it is time to take 10 minutes or so to write down your business goals for next year. Set yourself an annual financial target and break that down into monthly and then weekly targets.

Setting the target is one thing, but then you need to consider what you need to implement in your business each week to help you reach these financial goals. You may find it helpful using a rough guide. Here are the goals I have made and the actions I need to make for me to reach them (keep in mind that these goals are based around the financial year, not calendar year). 

Financial goal for 2020/21

$X amount overall

3rd quarter

4th quarter

Financial goal for 2021/22

$X amount overall

1st quarter

2nd quarter 

These financial goal figures are based on the performance of previous quarters. For example, I know the 2nd quarter will always generate more income than the 3rd quarter as it is in the lead up to Christmas. Keep in mind that these figures you write down may not always be spot on, but they are a good guide and goal for you to try and reach.

Now that I know my financial goals, I can’t just sit here and hope they happen...  neither can you! Instead, set yourself small actionable goals that you can follow that will help you reach your financial goal. Marketing attributes largely to my revenue, so I break these marketing streams into smaller increments:

  • Instagram/Facebook feed
  • Instagram/Facebook stories
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • EDM newsletters
  • EDM automation
  • Pinterest

Even further, I have narrowed down what type of content I will post on these feeds and email campaigns that will help drive customers to my website. For example, the type of content I will post on them. 

If you aren’t fussed about the revenue and profits and instead do it for the fun of it, write down some projects you have been desperate to try or been putting off!

Bring on 2021 and lets smash some goals!

December 28, 2020 — Lauren Holder