TIPS / The different things you can do with UV Resin

UV resin can totally have more than one purpose in your studio! It can be used to dome and secure - two in one.


Y'know all of those polymer clay earrings that you desperately want to coat in resin? One part of you wants to dive into doming, the other part is super reluctant because you're worried you might fail, or it will be too messy... am I right? UV resin is about as *non-messy* as it gets. Why? You don't need to mix two parts together [meaning you don't need any mixing cups or sticks], the resin comes in a tube with a precision tip for all of those small earrings and finally, it can cure in 10 minutes or less with UV light!


This trick is becoming increasingly popular amongst makers, even if they don't make resin jewellery. Using UV resin to secure down earring posts is great because you can completely embed the post in the resin, making it extremely unlikely for the earring post to detach from the earring piece. All you have to do is add some resin (or super glue) to the pad of the post, attach it to the earring to secure it in the right place, and then apply some resin to the top of the earring pad and smooth it out with a small paint brush to embed it. Cure it and presto, you have yourself a pair of ready-to-wear or ready-to-sell earrings!

May 17, 2021 — Lauren Holder