Have you ever received an Instagram message from a fellow business owner that says something similar to:

“Small business follow loop. We are doing a follow loop to help business owners gain more followers and sales. If you follow these 10 accounts and then share to another 10 people, the flow-on effect will result in you receiving 700 new followers.” 

Let’s be honest, gaining 700 new followers in a short span of time sounds pretty good, right? But you know what? Joining in and following all of these accounts in return for you gaining new followers will *kill* any chance you had at Instagram. 

The Instagram algorithm is incredibly advanced and can track unauthentic activity, including follow loops. As a result of participating in a follow loop, Instagram will penalise you and show your posts to less followers, meaning your engagement rate will *plumet* and sales will drop. 

So please, take my advice and never participate in a follow loop. Do not fixate on having a large number of followers but instead, follow the authentic follower pathway and allow it to happen naturally. If someone wants to follow you, they will. If you are now wondering, ‘Well how am I supposed to grow my followers authentically?’, then tune back in every Monday to our blog as we are going to be sharing SO many helpful Instagram tips across 2021.

See you next Monday x 

P.S. If you have made the unfortunate mistake of participating in a follow loop and are now freaking out, please don’t. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Leave Instagram alone for 3-4 days (aka - no posting, no activity, no engaging)
  2. Come back to Instagram and start posting real, authentic and engaging content that you genuine and engaged followers will love. Slowly the “fake” followers will slowly start to drop off your follower list and your Instagram activity will start to return back to normal