Package with thought

Package with thought

When your customer receives an earring or jewellery order from you, why not make it an experience they remember and share?

You can exceed all customer expectations by packaging your jewellery products beautifully, in a more environmentally friendly way than plastic, whilst also creating a great sense of delight!  

With today’s emphasis on sustainability and the environment, you can make your packaging look beautiful at the same time as respecting the environment by using products that are renewable and recyclable. Minimal and beautiful.

If you have made an order for earring surgical steel posts, earring backs, clay, jewellery accessories etc with Jewellery Supplies Co in the past year, you would have seen our updated packaging. Items like surgical steel earring posts, jump rings and tassels are placed into reused plastic bags or cellophane (biodegradable) bags and then wrapped in recyclable tissue paper rather than plastic.

You can see in the picture below, Jewellery Supplies Co wraps products in pink tissue paper and secures it with a sticker, and then places jewellery supplies  in a cardboard box. A pretty ‘Thank you’ card is also placed in the box with all of the contact and social media information on the back of it.

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Keeping in mind that you are a small business owner, I know you do not want to splurge all of your savings or profit on packaging. Here is a list of where I get packaging supplies from:

Cardboard box

They sell many different sizes of cardboard boxes, suitable for any type of product you sell.

PLEASE do not use bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is not biodegradable and seriously harms the environment and contributes to land fill. Have you seen the ‘by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean’ campaign all over social media recently? Stop yourself from contributing towards it.

Tissue paper

We use light pink tissue paper to suit our branding but there are many colours and patterns available on Gift Packaging Australia's website. I buy 480 sheets at once because this is the cheapest tissue paper I found online in Australia.


To my dismay, commercial printing of recycled sticker labels in Australia discontinued several years ago due to the higher costs of producing it. This means, all stickers that come on packages are not very environmentally friendly, even though they are made of paper.

Business Card

We order our business cards from VistaPrint. We have used them for years and have never had any issues – they have great customer service too!

You know where you can access all of your printing and packaging material, but you are probably wondering where you can access graphic design specialists to create pretty packaging materials.

Our branding and logo was created by Indee-Visual Design. Indee was an absolute gem to work with and we could not recommend her more. If you are on a tighter budget, you can get some good graphic designers off I have recently used this graphic designer on Fiverr and was very pleased with the results after a couple of revisions.

If you sell earrings and are wondering how you could send them without using bubble wrap, take the earring off the business card and wrap them up in some tissue paper and then place them into a cardboard box. It is as simple as that!

I would love to see what your packaging looks like! Tag me in a picture or video on your Instagram story to show all of your followers/potential customers what to expect when they order from you!



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