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How To Make Your Stall Stand Out At Markets - Part 2

by Lauren Holder on June 04, 2017

Hello everyone, 

This is part 2 of our 'How To Make Your Stall Stand Out At Markets' series.

Have you read part 1? If not, take a look at our previous blog post and read it first...

So today's topic is about product display... How to really master it so your stall stands out at a market.

Display height

Adding height to your product display is very important. It creates more dimension to your store, increases your ability to showcase more products and most importantly, gives you something to hide your cash box behind! 

You can add height to your store by adding a jewellery tree (wooden ply), crates, A-frame jewellery stands (similar to a miniature play gym!) or by adding a structural frame to your stall.

Adding hooks or pegs to your higher displays provides the opportunity to have your products at everyone's eye level (parents and children) because some products will be displayed high and some displayed low. 

Clever display ideas

Do you have more than one design of a product range and want your customers to easily view all of those designs? Whether these products are earrings, bracelets, brooches or necklaces, this display will work for you:

Super easy DIY. Hooks, plywood and brackets are from Bunnings and this stand is totally customisable for your product. *The stand pictured was used for earrings that were displayed on business cards.

Another way to execute this display is by using a pegboard. This will save you time by not having to measure and drill all the holes into the plywood because it is already done for you!

If you make necklaces and maybe are not too great at DIY, this accessory stand is perfect for you:

Wahboo make the most simple and practical accessory stands. You can view their range by clicking this link or by visiting their Instagram - @wahboodesigns. 

Baskets (pretty ones) are also great to put lots of products in if you are limited for space on your table. They are also useful to intrigue customers to come up and look through the different products in them! I personally really like rope baskets as they are very minimalist and neutral. You can find these baskets on etsy by clicking this link

Price Labels

You always want the price of your products visible, otherwise it could detract potential customers from buying, as they may be reluctant to ask. I recommend you not only price the back of each and every product but also have a little price stand next to the products.  

Writing price labels on some paper is bland and not appealing if you are not very neat! Get in contact with a laser cutter owner and get them to put together some plywood price/product circles/labels for you. You can display these prices next to your products at markets...

Don't know anybody or a business with a laser cutter? That's okay! Email me and I will connect you up with the business who made the wooden price labels above. 

Next week will be our final (but probably most important) blog post on our 'How To Make Your Stall Stand Out At Markets' series. 

See you then!

Lauren x 

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by Fiona Storey on June 17, 2017

I was interested in finding the details of the laser cutter who made the price tags.
Many thanks