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How To Make Your Stall Stand Out At Markets - Part 3

by Lauren Holder on June 11, 2017


This is our final post in our 'How to make your stall stand out at markets' series. 

Lets get right into it...

Today's topic is customer interaction and sales whilst at a market. This is quite possibly the most important part of running a stall.

EFTPOS facilities 

You would not believe how many extra or larger sales you can make with EFTPOS facilities. Some customers don't have much cash on them because they are 'walk ins' who saw the market and dropped by. Other customers spend more cash than planned and run out! 

I recommend purchasing a Square card reader. You can tap, swipe or insert cards. They are reasonably priced, work really easily and I have never had a problem with them. They also have a connecting point of sale app where you can add all of your products into a phone or ipad and then when someone purchases something, you can tap whatever products they're buying, click whether they want to pay with card or cash, and then it gives you an option to email or text them a receipt. Cool, right? You can view this card reader here

If you do have EFTPOS facilities at a market, make this payment option obvious to your customers. You can either just print an EFTPOS sign from the internet or maybe go a little more upmarket and use Blossom & Beau's 'EFTPOS available' stand (available in 5 different colours). You can view these on their website here.

Business Cards - always have them handy

Sometimes people go to markets and just browse, not purchase. But their browsing can potentially turn into a sale. It is so important that if you have a website, that you leave your business cards somewhere on your table so these browsers can take one and maybe place an order online. You can buy clear plastic business card holders from OfficeWorks, or Creative by Katherine make beautiful custom business card holders... 

Email her at or contact her via Instagram @creativebykatherine

Customer Interaction 

Okay, so I would be fibbing saying that holding a stall at a market is not the slightest bit scary, because it is a BIT scary. Feeling worried that you won't sell anything, or not much... Pre-nerves usually only last until your first sale, then the ice breaks. 

To make the most sales you possibly can at a market, there are some important things that you, the stall holder should do. 

  • Don't use your phone 

I know this is possibly one of the hardest things to do because who can not look at Instagram every 2 minutes?! But a stall holder staring at their phone the whole time is actually a big turn off for customers. It gives them the idea that you don't really care about them and don't want to be at the market at all. 

  • Make eye contact with browsing customers, give them a smile and start a conversation

This is quite a challenging thing to do if you are an introvert, but break through the fear and give this a go. I have tested this method and if you actually interact genuinely with your browser, it is more likely they will convert into a customer. 

  • Offer a lolly to a potential customer's child

This small act of kindness could potentially make the parent more interested in looking at your stall because you went out of your way to give something to their child.  

  • Stall Manning 

If you know the market you are going to attend is a busy market, I recommend you find a sidekick to man the stall with you. Customers sometimes are not patient, so it is good to always have a back up person helping you with sales. 

Well that brings us to the end of this series! I really hope it has been somewhat beneficial to you and how you next time approach a market...

Is there a topic you would like us to blog about or are seeking advice with? I would love it if you sent me a message or an email with any ideas...

Lauren x