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How To Make Your Stall Stand Out At Markets - Part 1

by Lauren Holder on May 27, 2017

Nothing beats a great handmade market in my opinion! So many gorgeous stalls to browse, the promise of finding stunning products to buy and of course, a coffee and some food...

So if you are a stall holder in such a market - how do you make your stall to stand out in the crowd? Well, that is what today's blog post is about! 

There are three main things to think about when you hold a stall at a market:

  1. Setup
  2. Product display
  3. Interaction with customers/sales 


This week we are starting out with your setup. Depending on how much space you are provided, you want to position your tables strategically. Aim for a setup that provides maximum space for as many customers to stand and browse as possible, but also enough space behind the stall for you to stand and move in freely. Corner spots can be fantastic in providing more 'real estate' for customer viewing. An L shaped setup, where customers are on the 'outside' of the L provides maximum viewing.

Remember - cramped spaces full of people blocking others view of your stand turns potential customers off because they may not bother to wait around until it is their turn to squeeze into the cramped space to view your products! Your table set up is the underlying basis that has the potential to either positively or negatively impact your number of sales. 

I mentioned tables! The easiest lightweight plastic tables to bring to markets are trestle tables because they can easily be folded up (especially bi-fold tables). Bunnings and OfficeWorks both sell them. I did a bit of research and it looks like OfficeWorks is cheaper.  

Bunnings Bi-Fold Table - $57.95    (click on 'Bunnings' to view)

OfficeWorks Bi-Fold Table - $49     (click on 'Officeworks' to view)

BUT, if you want an absolutely gorgeous feature table then I recommend you buy or rent (if you do not know how cut a piece of straight wood - me!!) one of these: 

Market Stall Co. make the most amazing displays for markets and this table is just the beginning of the amazing things they have! (click on 'Market Stall Co.' to view)

If you are going to use a table cloth, keep it a very plain colour like black or white. I personally like white the most as it is crisp and brings out the colours in the products you sell. 

But who says you can only use tables? You can use things like A-Frames, pegboard walls, frames or counters to mix things up (you can find all of these items at Market Stall Co.). Make your displays stand out to grab customers' attention. 

Do you know how much a rug or a plant affect the vibe of a stall? Look out for such a stall at the next market you go to and feel the relaxed and modern vibe it has. Plants and rugs gives your stall an almost 'home like' environment. You feel comfortable and enjoy being in the small area.

Now when I say rugs, I don't mean Grandma's frilly rug, I mean a modern yet simplistic rug; like a jute rug. I personally think round works better in a boxy space (like your stall setup). 

This rug here is a perfect example. Available from Temple & Webster, but many homeware stores would sell these rugs. 

Plants like monstera plants (fake is usually the safest option), kokedama plants or a leafy bunch of flowers are great to also add to a set up. 

If you want to grab kid's attention, a bright bunch of balloons will always draw them to your stall...

Well that is set up covered! Come back next week for part 2 - Product Display.

Have a fabulous week.

Lauren x