How to Remove Microfibres From Polymer Clay

How to Remove Microfibres From Polymer Clay

Is there anything worse than when you have made a polymer clay bead, earring or slab and discovering bits of lint and microfibres over it?

Rather than trying to pick it up with your nail or a tool, resulting in you damaging what you have created, try this tip...

What you need:

  • Rubbing alcohol (you can buy this from Bunnings or a supermarket). Isocol alcohol is the best option as it is NOT 100% alcohol, meaning it is less harsh on the clay. 

  • Cotton bud or paper towel 


Put some alcohol at the tip of the cotton bud or on a small section of the paper towel and rub gently on the polymer clay where the microfibres are located before it is cured/baked.  

*Please note that this technique won't work for every piece of microfibre on your clay, especially if there is a larger piece of hair that is mixed into the clay. If you do find the alcohol isn't removing a large piece of hair or fibre, using a sharp tool to remove it will be your next best option. 

To avoid microfibres getting on your polymer clay in the first place, it is recommend that you:

  • Clean your work area down with alcohol wipes or baby wipes before using polymer clay 
  • Store your opened polymer clay packets in safe areas such as a container so lint and microfibres don't fall on the surface of your clay 

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