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Marketing On A Budget - Part 2

by Lauren Holder on May 14, 2017

It's time for Part 2 of our 'Marketing On A Budget' series.  This week we're talking about business cards.

Business cards are an exciting next step. They’re a useful marketing tool to develop your brand and gain recognition. They’re fabulous to present earrings on, to attach to necklaces & bracelets and even display the price of your product at markets and in stores.

The question is "Where do I get business cards printed for a good price?”

A local printer is good if you are passionate about supporting local business in your area.

 Budget conscious:

Another option for the more price conscious is to look to Vistaprint. Sign up for their newsletters to be regularly informed of promotions. They sometimes have 1 day flash sales offering 50% discounts upon entering a promo code when making your purchase. Plan ahead, buy when there are sales and pay as little as possible!

VistaPrint are great because they offer a WIDE range of marketing materials. I personally really like VistaPrint because postage is quick, quality is good and prices are comparatively low. Plus they have SALES!

Wanting to go more upmarket:

If you are after gorgeously thick, professional business cards, then Moo is the way to go. Their business card quality is just amazing. They also sell mini business cards which are great for necklaces, earrings, and key rings at markets! The less space they take up the more you can display on your table! Their shipment does take a little longer than VistaPrint though as they are UK based.

I have done some research and it looks like mini business cards are sold cheapest at Moo. I have had a couple of people ask me if there are alternatives as the cards are a little pricy; but like I said, Moo seems to be the cheapest. If you desperately want to save money on mini business cards, you can buy normal sized business cards off VistaPrint and slice them in half. You'd want to cut them very neatly so your mini business cards don't look wonky and "cheap"!

Business card tip *

If you are planning to display products on your business cards, the only thing you want visible on the front is your logo. You want the front to be minimalistic so your product gets full attention. The back of the card is where all your essential information belongs. Don't leave some it off!  The name of your business, your name (optional), email, number (optional), website, social media etc. 

Remember to keep your marketing theme consistent. Your business cards should clearly display your existing logo. This way, your branding will become recognisable to your customers.

So that's part 2 of your marketing journey done. Next week we look at an exciting new topic!

See you then!

Lauren x