Reflecting And Planning 2018/2019

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Reflecting And Planning 2018/2019

With 2018 rapidly ending, it is good to sit, stop, and think about the year just passed and the year ahead. 

If you have run a small handmade business, here are some questions you might like to consider, or even take notes on to help give you direction for 2019. 


What was your biggest business achievement this year?

What mistake or lesson did you learn about your business this year? 

What is something that you have been meaning to do but never got it done? When are you going to do it?

What business goal would you like to meet next year?

How will you reach this goal?

What new products are you wanting to introduce next year?

Will you collaborate with another business next year?

Will you open an online store? (if you need help with it, click here)

Will you start wholesaling products to stores?

Will you apply to take part in a market?

Perhaps you want to turn a hobby into a business. Will you take the leap?


Hopefully these questions perhaps trigger some good thoughts and point you in the right type of direction so you have a little bit more of an idea of where you would like to take your business or hobby in 2019. Aim to make next year another great year!



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