Ausmonite Sealer 250ml - Semi Gloss

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Seal your dreamy, light weight terrazzo and concrete lookalike homewares, vases, pots, trinket trays and more with the Ausmonite Sealer.

Ausmonite Sealer is an acrylic coating product designed to coat and seal Ausmonite Acrylic Resin. The sealer will leave a clear film over the surface with a semi gloss sheen. 

- Non toxic & food safe

- Water & stain resistant 

- Apply sealer to you cured Ausmonite acrylic resin creations with a microfibre cloth, roller, brush or sponge. Ensure that the surface is clean before applying the sealer.

- Apply directly to the surface of your casting creation 

- Allow 24 hours for the sealer to cure 

- 250ml of sealer will cover around 6 to 8 meters squared of surface area. Avoid overuse.



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