Hoop Making Bundle

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Everything you need to make polymer clay hoop earrings. You will receive an Extruder, Hoop Guide Set and Hoop Glueing Rack.

Hoop Guides - 6 pack

Create perfectly circular, even sized earrings by wrapping your clay around the hoop guide. Use the engraved markers on the hoop guides as a reference when cutting the clay. This will ensure both hoops are the exact same size. The cross in the middle of the hoop allows you to easily remove it from clay with pliers 

Tip: Cut the clay after curing the clay for 15 minutes for a clean cut

Pack of 6 - 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm & 35mm hoop guide sizes

Comes with protective tape on both sides that requires peeling off

Hoop Glueing Rack

Place your earring hoops in the slots of our Hoop Glueing Rack so you can glue earrings posts to your hoop without them sliding off whilst drying. 4 slots of 4mm and 4 slots of 8mm.


An essential tool for every polymer clay maker. Add clay to the extruder and select a shaped disc. Spin the handle around and the clay will extrude out in the shape of the selected disc. 

20 disc selections

Stainless steel 

Rose Gold colour


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