Texture Tile - Wild Berries


Intensify your clay designs with these new inspired Texture Tiles. Each tile is simple to use and has a delightfully unique pattern that is guaranteed to excite. Flexible and washable, you’ll be glad to be able to use these tiles over and over again!

To use, simply roll out your polymer clay slab, place the texture sheet face down on your slab and use a roller to roll up and down the design evenly in pressure. Remove the tile from the slab by slowly peeling the tile, starting at one corner.

Pro Tip: Spritz your clay slab with Cool Slip Non-Stick Spray before applying the Texture Tile to ensure a clean removal and avoid the tile getting stuck. Give the tile a little clean between uses to ward off any colour transfer.

Can be used with Polymer Clay

Size: 74mm x 105mm


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