Just Resin DiamondCote 1:1 Epoxy Resin - 1L Kit

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A high Viscosity Epoxy Resin, designed for coating and creative applications.

An easy to measure 1:1 ratio self leveling product, with excellent air release properties, is UV stable, low in VOC's and in odour. 

This product has been designed to add a diamond like finish to your resin art, acrylic pours, mosaics, photographs, prints, timber surfaces, sculptures and more. It can be applied by pouring, brushing on, or with a roller to substances such as art boards, MDF, acrylic sheet, concrete, metal, wood or more. 

DiamondCote can be used as a top coat on your artistic projects, and can also be tinted with pigment pastes, powders, glitters and inks.

  • Measure equal parts by volume (e.g 100mls : 100mls)
  • Mix for 3 mins, or until combined, scraping sides & bottom of vessel
  • Open time of approx. 70mins at 25 degrees Celsius
  • 12 hour cure time
  • Full cure at 7 days
  • Heat not essential for top coats to remove bubbles (although heat can be applied)
  • Heat Resistant up to 50 degrees Celsius
  • a 1L kit includes 500ml of Part A & 500ml of Part B

Proudly made in Australia with USA Raw products.


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