Ausmonite Acrylic Resin (Jesmonite Alternative) - 3kg

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Create dreamy, lightweight terrazzo and concrete look alike homewares, vases, pots, trinket trays and more with Ausmonite. Suitable for an after work or weekend crafting session for the hobbyists, all the way to being a suitable product for business owners.

There is so much you can do with Acrylic Resin creations. Use finished pieces as product photography props, market display props, sell them to your customers, or style your creations in your home. 

Tell me more about Ausmonite Acrylic Resin 

Ausmonite is an acrylic resin that has a two components comprising of a water-based acrylic emulsion and a mineral base. This product is a Jesmonite alternative. 

- 3kg size (2kg powder & 1kg liquid)

- Non-toxic or hazardous  

- Heat resistant

- Australian made

- Quick setting

- 2:1 mixing ratio 

- Solvent free, water based system

- 15 minute working time 

- Primary coloured pigments available for purchase separately 

- Epoxy pigments cannot be used with Ausmonite

* Display pieces are not included

Instructions for use

- Weigh out the correct liquid measurement and add the pigments to the liquid mix to reach your desired colour.

- Weigh our the correct powder required, ensuring you are following a 2:1 ratio.

- Add the powder to the pigmented liquid and mic until a uniform mixture is obtained.

- Ensure you scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing pot to ensure the two parts are entirely mixed.

- Pour the mixture into a mould. You have 15 minutes of working time once the liquid is mixed with the powder.

- Curing time is subject to the volume of acrylic resin used and surrounding environmental conditions. Casts between 100g to 300g should take 45 to 60 minutes to cure before de-moulding. The acrylic resin will continue to develop in strength following the de-moulding of it. 


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