Ausmonite Acrylic Resin (Jesmonite Alternative) Starter Kit


A perfect weekend or after work project, this Acrylic Resin Tray Starter Kit is the ultimate gift (to yourself or others). Create a dreamy, light weight terrazzo or concrete lookalike tray in under 2 hours. Want to know the best part? You do not need any prior making experience - it's seriously that easy! This kit is suitable for bridal showers, craft nights or craft classes too.

What's included?

- 750g Ausmonite Acrylic Resin 

- 2 x Ausmonite Acrylic Resin Pigment Pastes (Black & White)

- Long Oval Tray Silicone Mould (reusable)

- Straight to the point instructions 


Tell me more about Ausmonite

Ausmonite is an acrylic resin that has a two components comprising of a water-based acrylic emulsion and a mineral base. This product is a Jesmonite alternative. 

- 750g size (500g powder & 250g liquid)

- Non-toxic or hazardous  

- Australian made

- Quick setting

- 2:1 mixing ratio 

- Solvent free, water based system

- 15 minute working time 

- Primary coloured pigments available for purchase separately 

- Epoxy pigments cannot be used with Ausmonite


Instructions for use

- Weigh out the correct liquid measurement and add the pigments to the liquid mix to reach your desired colour.

- Weigh our the correct powder required, ensuring you are following a 2:1 ratio.

- Add the powder to the pigmented liquid and mic until a uniform mixture is obtained.

- Ensure you scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing pot to ensure the two parts are entirely mixed.

- Pour the mixture into a mould. You have 15 minutes of working time once the liquid is mixed with the powder.

- Curing time is subject to the volume of acrylic resin used and surrounding environmental conditions. Casts between 100g to 300g should take 45 to 60 minutes to cure before de-moulding. The acrylic resin will continue to develop in strength following the de-moulding of it.