'Bob & Frank' Resin Stirring Sticks - Small - Matte Lime Green

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These reusable resin stirring sticks are designed by Bob & Frank to ensure that all resin in your cup is properly mixed together. It comes with an angled, curved edge that reaches all angles in your mixing cup. 

These stirring sticks can be reused and eliminates the need to buy disposable paddle pop sticks. Not only does it keep costs low for you, but it is also environmentally sustainable. Wipe the stirring stick clean with rubbing alcohol before the resin cures and continue to use it over again for your resin mixing. 

Size: 13cm x 2cm 

Material: Acrylic 

Instructions: The widest part of the stirring stick is designed to be held in your hand. The thinnest part of the stick is designed to mix your resin.