Just Resin Epoxy Pigment Paste 50g - Bundle #3

Have some fun with your resin creations by adding in a dash of any of these concentrated pigment pastes from this bundle of 4x 50g tubs.

With vibrant colours and thick consistency, these Just Resin Epoxy Pigment Pastes blend easily into your translucent resin. 

Go bold with these incredible colours, or customise your own shade by using multiple colours.

Mix a pea sized amount into your resin, and remember, a little goes a long way!

Stir before use. 

Pastes are sold in 50g containers by weight.

Colour charts are a guide only.

As some colourants are thicker than others please expect variations in viscosity. If you are wanting to thin your paste down or it solidifies please add some part A (Epoxy) to it and stir.

Colours included in bundle:
  • Bright Gold Metallic
  • Aluminium Metallic
  • Shimmer Pearl Luster
  • Bronze Metallic


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