HOM Castaway (Ultra Clear) Epoxy Resin 600ml 2:1

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Castaway Ultra Clear is a 2-part epoxy resin system that is designed as an easy to use 2:1 mix ratio by volume. It has a medium cure speed (depending on volume and depth), allowing for quick de-moulding.

HOM Castaway UC is suitable for artwork and thin casting applications such as jewellery, silicone mould castings, crack filling and much more.   

This formula  exhibits a low viscosity giving excellent air release making it an ultra clear premium casting formula. This is the highest end casting resin for clarity with an extended working time in comparison to other casting resins. 

- Low viscosity

- Excellent bubble release

- High clarity and low colour

- Great cured properties

- Medium cure speed

- Post life (100g at 25 degrees C) 60 mins

- Clear liquid

- Cured to solid state: 24 hours (volume dependent)

Cure to maximum strength: 7 days Shore D Hardness (at 20 degrees C): 80D

- Colour stability: Darkens on exposure

- A 600ml kit includes 400ml of Part A & 200ml of Part B


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