Barnes Brush Latex 500ml


Brush latex is an excellent `brush on' product that you can use to protect surfaces whilst doming, painting or silkscreening. It's fast drying and simply peels off easily afterwards.

Apply by brushing it on to the underside of your polymer clay and resin creations before doming to protect from drips and spillage.  It's also ideal to brush on to areas of your polymer clay pieces that you want to protect from paint whilst silkscreening.

Brush latex is a moulding compound based on pre-vulcanized natural rubber latex.

Pre-vulcanized latex is recommended for mould production as it only requires drying to give a strong elastic film.

The high solids content and viscosity properties are suited to brush application without the occurrence of runs and sags. Brush latex films, characteristically exhibit low shrinkage rates and fast drying times. Intricate models can be reproduced in exact detail and moulding latex will not separate on standing.

500ml size.


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