Liquid Sculpey - Multi-Pack Glam Metallics

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Liquid polymer clay is a versatile product that can be used in bake-able moulds, to embellish clay, used as grout, image transfers, window clings and so much more! So simple to use it is perfect for beginners! Three 1oz bottles - Rose Gold, Bronze and Peacock Pearl.

  • Twist cap for precise flow control – open completely to fill mould.  Open half way for other detail work.
  • Gently stir before using.
  • Strong and flexible after baking making it perfect for home decor, jewellery, scrapbooking and beyond. 
  • To thin - add Sculpey® Clay Softener until desired consistency is reached.
  • To thicken – pour into a cup and let sit out overnight 
  • Add items such as glitter, spices, dried flowers and metal pieces to add interest to your creations before baking! 
  • Excellent levelling properties, which allow it to be baked in sheets and poured into jewellery findings. 
  • Liquid polymer clays do not give off toxic chemicals during the curing process. However, you will experience a slight odour and smoking which is non-hazardous. To minimise this, we suggest using an oven hood fan and if you are using moulds, only bake one at a time. We always recommend using an oven thermometer. Many times, ovens are not calibrated accurately, and are actually hotter than the temperature set on the dial. Just pre-heat your oven for 15-20 minutes which should be long enough to reach the temperature on the oven thermometer needed to cure your project. 


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