HOM UV Resin 50ml tube


This UV resin cures fast with UV exposure - generally within around 2-5 minutes,  depending on the strength of your UV source.

It's different to conventional epoxy resin in that it is:

  • Fast curing within minutes of exposure to a UV lamp or torch
  • Ready to pour without the need of a catalyst
  • Only poured in small thin layers and ideal for jewellery projects, small silicone moulds & adhesive applications or for spot filling small holes or crevices

Once the resin is cured, use a toothpick or skewer  to see if it's hard enough to sand. The resin will continue to harden beyond the 5 minutes of exposure to UV light.

Usage & safety instructions:

Ensure your UV lamp to torch isn't too close to the curing resin or the resin may overheat and cause tackiness. 

For safety it’s important to not shine UV light directly on your body. UV resin can have stronger fumes than epoxy when curing so respiratory equipment and safety glasses are recommended when using. Keep tube sealed tightly & out of sunlight.

50ml tube


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