HOM PureSil Platinum Cure Liquid Silicone 1L 1:1

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Puresil silicone is a platinum cure 1:1 two part silicone mould making formula designed for mould makers.

FDA approved food grade silicone that's formulated for all levels of experience.

PureSil platinum cure is an RTV silicone with an extended pot life and cure time for maximum bubble release.  (RTV is short for room-temperature-vulcanizing, meaning it is a type of silicone that cures at room temperature).

It  is a non-hazardous product, making it extremely safe.

PureSil can be cast on just about any object or mould to create your very own silicone moulds. Literally make a mould of whatever you like, the silicone mould making world is yours.

  • Ratio 1:1 by volume
  • Shore hardness 30a
  • 20-30 min pot life
  • 2 hour cure time
  • Low viscosity
  • Excellent bubble release 
  • Excellent tear and tensile strength
  • Outstanding bubble release properties
  • Food grade
  • User friendly and easy
  • Low shrinkage
  • Non toxic
  • 1L kit includes 500ml of Part A & 500ml of Part B

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