*LIMITED EDITION* Clay Embossing Stamp - Christmas Candy Cane

$3.30 $8.10

Keeping you [the user] in mind, we have redesigned our embossing stamps into a sleeker & easier to use polymer clay tool.

- Rounded edges so the tool won't scratch

- A larger space around the design to allow for adequate cutting space 

- Deeper embossing to leave a more prominent mark in your clay 

- Handle-free so you can use an acrylic roller to roll clay over the stamp

Add detailed and delicate designs to your polymer clay slabs with our embossing stamps. Simply press the stamp down onto a polymer clay slab, ensuring that it has evenly been pressed along all areas of the acrylic for an even pattern. Use the small handle to lift it off the clay.

Stamp dimensions: 6cm x 5cm