Irregular Mirrored U Polymer Clay Cutters

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Irregular mirrored U polymer clay cutters available in 3 different sizes.

S - 30mm x 26mm
M - 40mm x 35mm
L - 50mm x 43mm
Bundle - you need to add all sizes to your cart 
Polymer clay cutters are fragile - treat them with care!


Our shape cutters are custom designed for you to achieve optimal results. 

Features include:

- A lip at the top of the cutter so it is easy to lift up after being pressed into polymer clay

- The cutter is deliberately made to not be ultra-thin at the bottom to prevent it becoming weak over time and deteriorate in quality by peeling away. They are design for long lasting use. 

- It is expected that a small amount of sanding of your polymer clay piece is required after using these cutters. We do not guarantee a perfect cut, but it will be a relatively clean cut.

*Do NOT buy this product if you are not willing to sand the final piece. Whilst we strive for a clean cut, due to the nature of 3D printing, we cannot guarantee that every single cutter will cut exactly the same and some imperfections may require a small amount of sanding. 

All cutters are made from PLA+ which is biodegradable and derived from renewable sources such as fermented corn starch. 

Press the cutter gently into polymer clay, making sure you cut all the way through the clay slab. Lightly lift the cutter and gently remove the polymer clay from the cutter with your finger. 

The edges of the polymer clay can be smoothed out with your fingers or can be sanded down after the clay has been cured. 

Clean the cutters with warm, soapy water. They are not dishwasher safe.