Pinkysil - Fast Set Silicone to Make Your Own Moulds


Create something that is Uniquely yours with Pinkysil. Pinkysil silicone is a super fast setting, beginner friendly silicone, that allows you to create your very own intricate, one-of-a-kind resin moulds.

To use: equally measure out a 1:1 ratio of the two liquids. Mix together well, ensuring that there are no streaks and you have an even coloured pink mixture. Ensure that your chosen shape/s are stuck to a base. Pour around your shape and allow it to set. Remove shape/s and voilà!

Recommended for: Fast Moulds, Small Moulds, Beginners, Fine Details

Potlife & Demould: Work time - 6 mins / Demould time - 30 mins

Hardness & Type: Shore A20 +/-2 Silicone Elastomer, 2500cps

Just a heads up, Pinkysil is safe to use in skin contact applications such as body casting, however it is NOT certified for food contact applications.