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Have you ever rolled out polymer clay and been frustrated that one side is thicker than the other? This is a must-have tool for your makers kit. Depth guides are designed to assist in rolling out a polymer clay slab that is even in depth.  

Place depth guides 15cm apart from each other on a ceramic tile or very clean bench, and place a squashed ball of polymer clay between them. Use a rolling pin to roll the clay out. Between each roll, lift the clay up and turn it 90 degrees. Be sure to turn the clay upside down between every 2-3 rolls. This will help decrease the likelihood of air bubbles. Roll the clay out until it is at equal depth as the guides. Wipe clean with wet wipe or rubbing alcohol.

- 3mm depth

- 19.5cm x 2cm size 

- Acrylic material 

- 1 pair of guides (2 pieces)

Note: Due to the nature of acrylic, please note that there may be +-0.02mm variance in the depth of the guides. You will be sent a pair of guides that evenly match up.