Polymer Clay Earring Starter Kit [READ DESCRIPTION]


Are you wanting to make polymer clay earrings but don't know where to start? This kit provides almost all of the essentials you need to start making earrings. 

What you need to purchase SEPARATELY:

- Polymer clay shape cutters. Choose cutters from our range here.

- Liquid Sculpey to bond earring posts to your clay. Find Liquid Sculpey in our store here. Alternatively purchase super glue from your local hardware store. 

Optional supplies to purchase SEPARATELY:

- Silk screens and heavy body acrylic paint to apply painted patterns onto polymer clay 

- Texture tiles to add texture to polymer clay 

This kit contains:

- 8 blocks of polymer clay in Souffle, Premo and Cernit brands (as pictured)

- Acrylic rolling pin 

- Stainless steel blade

- 50 pack of 8mm Silver Stainless Steel Jump Rings 

- 50 pack of 8mm Black Stainless Steel Jump Rings 

- 100 pack of 8mm Surgical Stainless Steel (316L) Earring Posts 

- 100 pack of Stainless Steel Plastic Disc Earring Backs 

- 1 set of 3mm depth guides 

- 1 set of 4.5mm depth guides