XL Pro Length Mint Polymer Clay Depth Guide Set


Depth guides are life changing tools if you make polymer clay slabs. The pro size is made for makers who create large polymer clay slabs and require extra rolling space. The pro guides are 9.5cm longer than the original depth guides.

The large depth guides are for the base depth of the slab. After creating the base depth, add any other additional clay on top of the base (patterns and designs), keeping in mind that this clay should be relatively thin (1.5mm or less). Roll this slab down with the small guides, picking the clay up and turning it each time you roll the clay.

The purpose of changing from the large to the small guides, as well as picking the clay up and turning it each time you roll it, is to maintain the patterns you have created on the slab and to avoid it from distorting. 

You will receive:

1 Pair of XL Pro Small Guides: 29.5cm x 2cm and approx 3mm in depth.

1 Pair of XL Pro Large Guides: 29.5cm x 2cm and approx 4.5mm in depth.