Resin Earring Starter Kit [READ DESCRIPTION]

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Are you wanting to make resin earrings but don't know where to start? This kit provides almost all of the essentials you need to start making earrings. 

What you need to purchase SEPARATELY:

- Pigment pastes to add colour to your resin.

Optional supplies to purchase SEPARATELY:

- Glitter to add a sparkly dimension to your earrings.

- Moulds to create lots of different shaped resin earrings.

- Super glue from your local hardware to glue earring posts to the finished earring [only if you'd prefer not to use resin to secure the post to the earring]. 

This kit contains:

- 400ml Barnes EpoxyCast Resin

- Retro Mould

- 250mL Measuring Beaker

- 30ml Measuring Cups

- Resin Mixing Sticks

- 100 pack 8mm Surgical Stainless Steel (316L) Earring Posts

- 100 packs Stainless Steel (304) Plastic Disc Earring Backs 

- 50 pack 8mm Silver Stainless Steel Jump Rings

- 50 pack 8mm Black Stainless Steel Jump Rings