Silicone Mould - Square Vase 13.8cm


Style the most beautiful flower or air plant arrangements in these tube-styled vases. The vase mould comes with a silicone tube to place in the mould when pouring and curing the resin. The transparent tube that sits in the vase can be purchase separately.

These silicone moulds are designed for use with epoxy and acrylic resin (Ausmonite).

Size: 13.8cm x 13.8cm x 3.9cm

Mould Finish: Shiny

The moulds can withstand a heat of up to 230 degrees celsius. They should be stored on a level surface in a cool, dry place. The best way to clean them is to lightly pick out glitter or excess resin with some sticky masking tape. Dish soap and warm water can also be used if necessary. 

Using direct heat such as lighters and torches should be avoided as this can cause the resin to overheat and fuse to the mould. 

This mould is perfect for acrylic resin creations. 

Disclaimer: All measurements are approximate. As with all handmade silicone products, sometimes minor flaws can occur.