Texture & Silk Screen - Geo Line


Decorate your clay with these on-trend patterns. These versatile sheets can be used to add texture or as a screen print as a super simple way to liven up your clay designs.

Use as a Texture Sheet:
Place the sheet over your polymer clay slab with the textured side face down and use a rolling pin or pasta machine to roll over the sheet with even pressure. Carefully remove the sheet starting in one corner to reveal your design. Wipe down the sheet immediately and between each use.
To avoid any sticking, we recommend using in conjunction with a bit of Cool Slip Non-Stick Spray.

Use as a Silkscreen:
Place the sheet gently onto your polymer clay slab smooth side down. Apply a small amount of acrylic paint at one edge of the sheet and use a squeegee or credit card to wipe the paint across the sheet. Remove the sheet carefully and wash immediately with lukewarm water between each use.

Perfect for, but not limited to, use with Polymer Clay.