Shopify Website Setup

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Shopify is a powerful ecommerce platform that is very well suited to handmade businesses. 

The Jewellery Supplies Co website is designed on Shopify!

The simplicity of viewing and fulfilling orders, and having complete control over what you want your website to look like is what makes Shopify that extra bit better than any other website provider. Although, the greatness of the website comes at a cost. As a newbie, it is difficult setting a Shopify website up as there are some complex building blocks.

I decided to introduce 'Shopify Website Setup' as a service because I constantly was hearing small business owners saying they were wanting to use Shopify as a platform to sell their products on, but were hesitant to do so due to the small difficultly and time required to set a website up.

In this service, you will receive a ready to use website including:

  • A fully set up 'contact us' page
  • Navigation set up
  • Custom home page (created to compliment your brand)  
  • Collection set ups
  • Return and refund policy pages
  • Inbuilt shipping charges 
  • Checkout set up (including payment method integration)
  • 3 product listings 
  • 'About us' page
  • Options to add applications to the website including wish lists, instagram feed features, etc.;
  • and a detailed video guide custom to your store on how to continue adding products, fulfil orders etc. once the project is completed and handed over to you. 

This project is very much customisable to your needs and through discussion we can come up with a perfect website!

*Please note that the price of this service does not include the monthly Shopify user costs per month. Approximately $32 USD is charged to Shopify users every month and we will require you to pay this amount two weeks into the website setup (as the 2 week free trial will expire). 

Delivery time: 4 weeks after questionnaire is completed by you and returned to us.