Recently I was at a trade fair selling to retailer shop owners (for a separate company) and it was a very similar experience to selling at markets. Here are my three key takeaways that will result in a better experience for your small business:

  1. Price everything

Almost every second person I spoke to thanked me for displaying product prices at our stall. Why is this important? 

A lot of people are too shy to ask. It could be due to anxiety, fear that they’ll get roped into a purchase, or the fear of feeling bad when they don’t proceed with buying.

Some market stall owners like to keep it a mystery with the hope it’ll result in people asking them the price of a product, and then their sales pitch can begin. 

Please don’t do this. I consider myself a pretty confident person and even I hate asking the prices of products.

Here’s your easy solution - use our product display tags.

Customise your text, size and colour of these signs and display them at your market stall.

  1. Pick up on customer cues 

Every customer who comes to your stall have different personalities - this is inevitable. Not every customer wants to be approached in the same way, so here are a few pointers.

When they approach your stall, see where they’re looking. Are their eyes on the product or you?

Are they chatty or are they keeping to themselves? When they approach your stall, see where they’re looking. Are their eyes on the product or you? If they're on the product, keep to yourself for a moment. Be ready with a smile when they look up at you.

Are they chatty or are they keeping to themselves? Some people like to keep to themselves when they shop. Always say a polite "hi, how are you?", and then from there see how they interact.

  1. Upsell through exclusive market offers 

People love shopping when they feel like they are saving money. 

The best way to make the most of this is to offer market specials.

This could be offering a bundle deal for when you buy 2 or more of a specific product. 

A discount across an entire range that is exclusive to the market only. 

A buy one, get one promotion. Aka buy an Easter Earring Bundle and get a free scrunchie.

Spend $60 and get a free pair of studs.

Get the gist? Make the promotion you are offering really clear on signage. People love a bargain or the concept of “girl maths”.