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Who are we?

Hello to all the creative newbies and seasoned professionals! We’re Jewellery Supplies Co. – the home of high-quality jewellery-making supplies for polymer clay cutters, resin jewellery supplies and custom-made acrylic shapes.

Looking for top-notch jewellery supplies in Australia? 

In our inventory, you’ll find the highest quality stainless steel earring findings. As for what sets us apart? Maybe it’s the kaleidoscope of 170+ acrylic shape colours, or the freedom to customise your acrylic jewellery by size, shape or even jump ring hole placement. The limit does not exist! Everything you need is right here – all in one aesthetic, scroll-friendly online store.

You’re officially invited to a shopping and crafting experience that’s much more than just a transaction – we want you to feel inspired as you browse at home, or in the studio. Dive into the process, unleash your creativity, embrace the mess, and revel in the satisfaction of creating DIY jewellery you truly adore (and, who knows, maybe make some big sales and grow your online following along the way!)

This is the time to put all your ideas out on the crafting table, and allow things to get a little (or a lot) messy! 

Happy crafting!