An ongoing debate between makers is whether to scratch/sand the pads on earring posts before glueing or to not? Let us tell you more about this topic. 

The earring pad’s smooth surface makes it harder for polymer clay to stick to it. The purpose of “scratching” the earring pad is so that it can adhere to the glue and polymer clay surface. Get what we mean? If you use a glue to adhere your earrings to polymer clay, we encourage you to scratch them a little. You can use an exacto knife or sanding paper to do this [both of which you can find at your local hardware store]! 

If you use another method to adhere your earring posts such as embedding, resin or liquid Sculpey, then it is not necessary for you to sand your posts. Wondering how? Head over to our blog post about attaching earring posts to polymer clay here.