Acrylic Shape - She Sells Sea Shells [12 pieces]


Quantity: 12 pieces

Acrylic shapes are a captivating stud top or dangle component to add to your polymer clay and resin earrings creations. You can also pair various shapes together to create your entire earrings out of acrylic. All acrylic shapes are proudly designed and cut to order in our Adelaide-based warehouse.

12.5mm 14.6mm
15mm 17.5mm
17.5mm 20.4mm
20mm 23.3mm
22.5mm 26.2mm
25mm 29.2mm
27.5mm 32.1mm
30mm 35mm
32.5mm 37.9mm
35mm 40.8mm

Hole size: 1.65mm 

Acrylic thickness: 3mm (varies 1%)

Hole options: No hole, 1 hole, 2 holes

Protection: All acrylic comes with a protective paper layer which needs to be peeled off before using them in your making.


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