Your earring making
journey starts here

The best handmade jewellery in Australia? Made by you, with basics supplied by us.

You can discover everything you need for your hobby or business at the most creative place on the internet.

Step 1.

Select your acrylic shape. From there, select your size, colour and hole placement preference [you'll need holes if you want to make dangle earrings]

Step 2.

Add all the essential tools and supplies to your cart. Below is what you need to make stud and dangle earrings.

Step 3 (optional).

If the creative juices are flowing and you're wanting to start with a bang, here are some other earring supplies you might want to add to your craft tool kit

Step 4.

Place your order (we will dispatch it in 1-2 business days from our Adelaide based warehouse) and start figuring out the business side of things.

What business things do I need to consider?

Your business name

This doesn't need to be difficult. Find something that has some meaning to you. Whether that be the names of your children, the place you grew up - even just words you like the sound of. Try to keep the business name to 3 words or less. If you're struggling, try using Chat GPT to help you.

Before completely committing to your business name, quickly check if the website domain name is available for it on

If it's taken, I would go back to the drawing board so your name and website domain remains consistent.

How you are going to sell your earrings

There are so many different ways to sell your earrings. You can sell them online via a website or social media, in person at markets, or wholesale them to retail stores.

What the prices of your products will be

There is a simple formula you can follow when you price your products.

To determine the price you sell your earrings at, figure out the cost price of all the supplies that goes in to make 1 pair of earrings. Make sure to include the cost of all the supplies and then the time it took you to make.

For example, you might charge $30 an hour. If the earrings took 5 minutes to make, divide $30 by 5, which equals $6.

If the supplies cost you $3 and you add the $6 of labour, the total cost price is $9. Times the cost price by 2 to figure out your wholesale price (if you were to ever sell to retail stores). $9 x 2 =$18. Then times the wholesale price by 2 to determine the retail price. $18 x 2 = $36.

Start a social media page and/or a website

When it comes to social media, think where you ideal customer is most likely to hang out. Is it Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok? Figure out where and start there.

Want to open a website? Hell yeah! I personally love Shopify, but more budget friendly website builders like BigCartel and Wordpress are great too.

Step 5.

Make the earrings! Looking for a tutorial? Head to our Instagram page for plenty of videos. If you have a question, please send us a message on social media or email