As a lot of you would know, packaging is an incredibly important part of a consumer’s unboxing process. You can change the entire perception and experience of your brand and product unboxing process because of your packaging. 

You might be wondering what basic packaging you need as a handmade business owner to give your unboxing process a *wow* factor without breaking your budget? Find the answer below…

We source all of our packaging boxes from EB-Packaging on eBay. They sell cute tiny boxes which are perfect for sending a couple of pairs of earrings in, all the way up to very large cardboard boxes that are perfect for larger items or wholesale orders. They ship exceptionally quickly and have never let Jewellery Supplies Co. down. 

To secure the goods inside of the boxes, we like to use a tissue paper. We like to use tissue paper from Gift Packaging and Accessories ( as they are incredibly affordable, but if you’re after customised tissue paper with your logo, we recommend No Issue ( From there, you can also find stickers and packaging tape, both of which are environmentally friendly and plastic free - winning!

We are changing our sticker production to No Issue Tissue, but previously we purchased ours from Oz Sticker Printing ( They also produce and send their stickers very fast. 

If you want to place your box into a satchel to avoid any risk of water damage during transit, we insist you use compostable satchels only. We get ours from Plasswitch, but you can get them from No Issue as well. They are truly the go-to for all environmentally friendly packaging.

Do you have any other packaging questions? Leave us a comment below or contact us on social media x