What's better? 

Selling your products through Etsy or through a website provider like Shopify or Wordpress? Let's talk Pros and Cons...



- Minimal setup required to create a user interface (the "face" of your shopfront)

- As Etsy is a marketplace, you immediately have an audience of hundreds of thousands of customers 

- No monthly setup costs, instead you are only charged when you upload products 

- Suited to businesses who are just starting out and have smaller social media followings


- There is not much opportunity to customise the shopfront 

- The more products you upload the more it costs 

- Etsy is full of a lot of similar products such as polymer clay earrings. It is easy to get lost amongst it all



- Great for businesses with a large product catalogue 

- Extremely customisable 

- Uploading products costs nothing 

- Options to integrate many apps that can generate sales leads, increased order value, shipping operating software and more


- Monthly or annual fee (approx. $40 per month)

- It is slightly complex to use to begin with. You need to invest time and patience into learning a new system 

- It is not a marketplace like Etsy, meaning you have to give customers a reason to go to your online store