Is there anything more annoying that cutting into a polymer clay slab and the clay getting stuck inside the cutter when you pull it up? Then when you try to push the clay out of the cutter, it sort of distorts the original shape? Here are our tips on how to avoid this from happening...

1. Use a tile as a surface when cutting into your polymer clay. Clay sticks well to the tile, so when you cut into the slab and pull the cutter out, the clay will stay stuck to the tile surface. 

2. Wriggling the cutter in the clay once you have pressed the cutter into the slab is a good way to detach it from the clay. 

3. Lay cling wrap on top of your polymer clay slab before pressing your cutter into it. Once the cling wrap has been applied, simply cut the clay and pull it out like usual. The cling wrap in between the cutter and clay will prevent it from sticking to the cutter. 

4. Let the clay cool down before cutting shapes in the slab. Clay heats up as you condition and roll it out, meaning it gets stickier, therefore it is more likely to stick to the cutter. Let the slab sit for a while or even consider putting it in the fridge if you live in a warmer climate. 

5. Are you using a clay that is too soft? Do you live in a warmer climate and are using a clay like Cernit or Sculpey III? We recommend switching to Premo, Souffle or Fimo clay instead.

6. Lightly dust your cutters with cornflour before cutting into a slab. This will help separate the sticky clay from the cutter. 

Let me know if these techniques work for you!