This has to be one of my favourite tricks in the book. Turning a beautiful colour into granite polymer clay makes all the difference when making jewellery. Best part? It is *so* easy - YAY! Here are our three recommended ways to create a gorgeous granite effect in your polymer clay.

1. Mix Premo Granite Effect with whatever colour you want! Whilst Premo Granite appears grey in colour, it does not really compromise the colour you mix it with, which is perfect.

2. Mix fine black glitter into polymer clay to make it look like granite specs. This is personally my favourite way to create a granite effect. We stock fine black glitter here.

This video tutorial quickly runs through this concept!

 3. Adding cracked pepper to your polymer clay! No, you're not reading wrong, I mean edible cracked pepper! Look how cool it looks when mixed with clay.


There you have it! 3 easy and affordable ways to turn any colour polymer clay into granite polymer clay!