Making resin earrings is so much fun, especially considering how individual and different each batch can be. Here are some tips on how to make these earrings:

- A small amount of resin is actually surprisingly a lot and will help you make a lot of earrings.

- Mixing your two resin parts together will create a lot of air bubbles. Sit your resin to the side for a bit after mixing the two parts and a lot of those bubbles will rise to the top and then disappear

-Pour your resin slowly, otherwise it comes out very thick and fills too much of the mould

- In this tutorial I add glitter to the mould first rather than mixing it in with the resin. Both ways work!

- When using moulds that come with a hole in the earring (like the moulds pictured above) you need to be really careful that the resin fills in all the way under and behind the hole. A couple of my pieces could not be turned into earrings because I didn’t pour enough resin into the mould for it to fill all the way around the hole.

- You can pop bubbles with a toothpick or anything sharp. Let it sit for 20 mins after pouring and a lot of bubbles will rise to the top for you to pop.

- If you have a lighter or heat gun, you can also use that to hover over the resin to pop the bubbles. Keep in mind that a flame can burn/melt the silicone mould, so be extremely careful.

- I let these pieces set for 24 hours, but they will still a bit bendy after taking them out of the mould. I’d allow 48 hours for them to firm up completely

Enjoy x