Another bombshell question that unfortunately a lot of makers learn the hard way. There are some clays that should NOT be used when making polymer clay earrings. Here is a run down...

Sculpey III = not your best friend

Sculpey III is an extremely soft clay that is better suited to kids. It is brittle and tends to crack during or after the curing process. Avoid using it to make earrings at all costs. Due to its soft nature, it is also extremely easy to over condition and leave finger print marks on it - not a good look.

The *only* exception there is to using it in your jewellery is if you use it on top of a slab to add extra detail and colour. 

Sculpey Premo & Sculpey Souffle = your best friend 

These two clays should always be your absolute go-to's for earring making. Strong, flexible and still relatively easy to condition. This clay is a no-brainer!

Fimo is also another great clay for earring and slab making. The one negative with this clay compared to Premo or Souffle is that it can be quite tough or crumbly, making it a hard clay to condition. You need a lot of patience to work with this clay, but the results can be fantastic!

Cernit is a good clay for some. It is a relatively soft clay (often softer that Premo), meaning if you live or work in a warm environment (hint hint: QLD, NT etc.), it can get too soft and sticky, making it impossible to work with. Whilst putting it in a fridge can certainly help you out in a hot climate, sometimes it might be more sensible to work with Fimo, Premo or Souffle instead. 

Fingers crossed that this post helps you out if you are a beginner! More helpful blogs to come!