Wooden Shape - Almond [8 sizes]


Embrace the beauty of these gorgeous wooden shapes & create captivating stud tops to add to your polymer clay, resin or acrylic earrings creations. All wooden shapes are proudly designed and cut to order in our Adelaide-based warehouse.

Any colour or grain variations in the wood are an inherent feature that adds unique character and charm, showcasing the natural beauty of the material. They are not deemed as defects but rather as a testament to the organic and diverse nature of wood.

12mm 9.06mm
15mm 11.32mm
17.5mm 13.21mm
20mm 15.10mm
22.5mm 16.99mm
25mm 18.88mm
30mm 22.65mm
35mm 26.43mm

Hole size: 2mm (in some cases, the smaller shape holes measure 1.65mm)

Acrylic thickness: 4mm (varies 10%)

Hole options: No hole, 1 hole, 2 holes

Quantity: 10 pieces

Protection: All wooden shapes come with a protective paper layer which needs to be peeled off before using them in your making.

Characteristics & Finish:

Timber veneer laminated to each side of a 3mm MDF sheet.

Natural, smooth timber finish that is generally consistent on both sides.

Has a natural grain direction and other wood characteristics such as occasional knots. 

Minor veneer joints may be visible that don’t detract from the overall appearance.

Layering is visible on edges, consistent with timber veneer. 


Engraves well and can hold fine details. Not suitable for paint filling as it will bleed beyond the engraved area.

Comes with a protective tape coating that will need to be peeled off.

Best uses:

Great for earring studs, when following general care best practice - such as keeping out of contact with creams, perfumes, sunscreens and water (don’t wear them in the shower or pool!).


In some cases, minor hand-finishing may be needed using fine sandpaper to achieve a perfectly smooth timber surface to this natural material. 


All orders are generally dispatched in 1-2 business days. Please view our FAQ Page to view delivery times to your state.