Mirror Market Display [Customise]


Show off your designs in style with our Mirror Market Display!

With a plywood base and sleek mirror, it provides a convenient and persuasive way to entice your customers to buy your creations after putting your earrings up to their ear and seeing how great they'd look on them!  

The mirror and base are light, portable and easy to transport flat. All you need to do is slot the mirror into the base once you've arrived at your market and it's ready to use. Once finished, remove the mirror from the base and lie flat to transport it back home - easy!

Invest in our premium mirror market display to up the aesthetic of your market stall and increase sales. 

Dimensions Length Width Depth
Base 160mm  90mm  6mm
Mirror 140mm 140mm 3mm

The mirror is made from 3mm silver mirror acrylic that's shatter proof, making it great for transporting. The back of the mirror is dark in colour, like a regular mirror.

The base is made from 6mm plywood.

Minor colour and slight grain variations are a characteristic of plywood. The smoothness of the surface may vary in some places and you may choose to use fine sand paper on those areas. A slight browning of the material occurs on engraved and cut edges that doesn't detract from the overall appearance.

Instructions for use: Peel the protective paper off the mirror and the base before use. It's recommended that you cover the mirror when transporting to events, to protect the surface and avoid damage and scratches. 

Logo customisation:

  • Please submit a black logo in a PNG, JPG. PDF or Ai format.

  • Your Mirror Market Display design will be emailed to you for approval. 1 round of revisions is allowed if you wish to change the size of the logo or move the position of it on the stand.

  • The logo must be perfectly clear in quality. Logos with thicker lines will be more visible. Logos will be more visible on clear or darker coloured colours.
  • Customised stands are non-refundable.


All orders are generally dispatched in 1-2 business days. Please view our FAQ Page to view delivery times to your state.