Brass Charm Pack #1

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Brass charms perfectly accompany your polymer clay and resin earring creations. Create unique, mixed media earrings by using the charms as a dangle or stud component. Bundled into packs and hugely discounted!


Sizes ranging from 25-60mm

- Brass Material

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Note: Plated raw brass will tarnish over time. We advise you to always clean your brass before assembling your jewellery ready for selling. You can purchase brass/metal sealants at Bunnings to seal your brass components after cleaning them if you desire. We recommend only purchasing brass findings on the understanding that tarnish is susceptible to raw brass over time. 

Cleaning tarnish: To clean your brass charms at home you will need a bowl, baking powder, white vinegar, lemon juice, a paper towel and a microfibre cloth. Add quarter of a cup of white vinegar into a bowl with a teaspoon of baking powder and a small amount of lemon juice. Place the tarnished components in the mixed solution for a minute. Clean the brass briefly under water, dry it with paper towel and then use the microfibre cloth to polish it clean. Please note that there are many other at home remedies you can follow to clean tarnished brass too - the internet is full of great tutorials. 


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