Ausmonite Acrylic Resin Pigment 20ml - Yellow


Colour Ausmonite Acrylic Resin with primary coloured pigments to create hundreds of unique colours for your dreamy, light weight terrazzo and concrete lookalike homewares, vases, pots, trinket trays and more.

- 20ml bottles with dropper

- 5 primary colours available 

- Mix and match colours to create hundreds of different colour combinations

- Epoxy pigment pastes are not a substitute for this product

- An instantly downloadable colour mixing guide is provided upon purchase. It demonstrates how to mix your desirable colours and how to create tints, tones and shades

Instructions for use

- Using the dropper, add a small amount of pigment to the Ausmonite liquid. Start with a small volume and continue to mix until a desired colour is reached.

- Ensure that the colour is entirely mixed through by scraping the sides and bottom of the container.


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