Posca Marker PC-3M - Apricot

Leave your unique mark on all your creations with Posca paint Markers!

With its universal 1.3mm bullet tip, the PC-3M marker is ideal for adding detail on your polymer clay and resin pieces or filling in engraved acrylic shapes with colour. It's also great on plastic, wood, glass, cardboard, textiles... the list goes on.

With a quick-drying, fade-proof and opaque water-based pigment ink, it leaves a permanent mark on porous surfaces, is erasable on most smooth materials such as glass and doesn’t bleed through paper.

When the markers are wet, you can blend colours together to create smooth transitions and gradients. When dry, you can overlay one colour on top of another, creating layering effects and adding depth to your artwork.

Plus, its round, easy to grip barrel, makes the pen comfortable to use.

This marker contains apricot ink.

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