Earring Display Stand - Organic Oval


Make earring photography prettier and stress-free with our earring photography stand. Forget trying to lie your earrings down flat on a piece of paper or taking awkward selfies of your ear. Choose from over 50 colours (perhaps use colours similar to your branding) and choose to have your logo engraved onto the stand too. 

Material: Acrylic 

91mm high x 75mm wide
Base  25mm high x 40mm wide

Colour: Choose from over 50 colours. The base is clear.

    Hole size: 2mm 

    Placement of earring holes will be adjusted on the non-engraved stand option.

    How to make engraving more visible on stand: Before peeling the protective paper off the stand, use a paint pen to carefully colour in the engraved areas on the acrylic. Allow it to dry and then peel the protective paper off. 

    How to construct: Peel the protective paper off the photography stand and simply insert the stand to the base. 


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